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Change Is an Opportunity

MarkedQuery is a digital technology and business process innovation firm that serves world-class companies of all sizes.

We help our clients identify, plan for, and capitalize on digital opportunity wherever it exists. With over a decade of experience helping businesses achieve their goals, we’re uniquely positioned to help you define and deliver on your brand’s mandate.

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Who We Are

Proud Digital Nerds

We’re extremely passionate about digital innovation, particularly as it affects businesses. This passion pushes us to continuously expand our expertise and devise ever-better processes to help companies achieve their objectives.

Our diverse team of tech- and business-savvy professionals truly enjoys helping brands get the most from digital and marketing technology. We share your belief in your company’s potential and we’re dedicated to helping you reach the highest level possible. Your success is the only measure of ours.

Execution Process

How We Work


We learn about your brand, team, customers, products, and capabilities.


We work with your team to build a cohesive, goal-focused strategy.


We design and build flexible, scalable, and effective business solutions.


We launch strategies to engage with your audience and reach your goals.

Continuous Improvement

”Good enough” is never good enough for our team. From our innovative ideas to our productive collaborations with clients, we’re always improving to ensure we’re delivering solutions that are as unique as your brand.


What Our Clients Say

Let's work together!

Implementing digital solutions doesn’t have to be something your team dreads. With the right partner, these projects can be simplified and streamlined, and can open doors to new business opportunities.