Digital Marketing Technology

Leverage the right technology, strategy, and data to make highly effective and precisely targeted decisions that deliver powerful results.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

We get your brand in front of your target audience in the time and place that’s most conducive to turning prospects into customers.

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Integrated Marketing

Staying on brand and providing reassuring consistency to your audience requires an integrated marketing strategy that delivers a unified and holistic message across all your marketing channels. We help you implement tools that empower your team to deliver consistent messaging where and when it matters most.


An effective customer relationship management solution helps your brand keep track of customer data and provides a valuable, centralized resource to your team. We assist you in finding and implementing the right CRM tool to increase efficiency and productivity, and to improve the customer experience.

Email & SMS

Strategic and effective use of email and SMS (text) messaging can produce dramatic improvements in your success rate while reaching and engaging your audience. Email and SMS can deliver synchronized marketing campaigns that deliver results. We will show you how to achieve these benefits.

Social Media

To connect consistently and profitably with your target market on social platforms requires a well-defined strategy based on utilization data. We provide insights on where your audience spends time online, what they’re looking for, and what moves them to action. Increase your brand’s share of users’ screen time.

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MarkedQuery - Marketing - Search


Your brand has to be found to be successful. That means you need a strong search strategy encompassing mobile, voice, and local results. Our approach to getting your brand noticed focuses on data-driven event tracking and implementing the right technology, marketing tactics, and user experience.


Your ability to position your products in the time and place where it’s most convenient for your target audience to research and purchase has a significant impact on your success. We work with your team to find the ideal marketplace integrations that improve your brand’s recognition and overall digital ecosystem.

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