MarkedQuery - 15 Point Launch Checklist
February 15, 2022

Your 15-Point Website Launch Checklist

Successfully Launch Your Website

For your new website to be effective, it has to meet many technical and user experience requirements.

If you and your website developer have done your jobs well, people who visit your site should find the process of getting information or taking actions (like purchasing a product) almost effortless. The website essentially takes them by the hand and guides them from section to section or page to page, ensuring that their visit is productive and that there’s a wonderful simplicity to the interaction. 

Of course, you know that getting your website to the point where it can do this is anything but simple. It takes a significant amount of time, effort, and careful consideration to create a highly effective site. There are dozens (and dozens) of tasks that must be addressed along the way. 

The juggling act is well worth it, of course, when your new website gives your business a powerful boost and a clear competitive advantage. But the point here is that there are lots of moving parts, and that means you need to be very intentional about how you confirm that your website is ready to launch.

Steps to Ensure Your Website Helps Take Your Business to the Next Level

For your new website to be effective, it has to meet many technical and user experience requirements. You can ensure that it does by working through the steps below attentively and methodically.

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Don’t “Set It and Forget It”: Important Post-Launch Activities for Your Website

You’ve created and launched a website that’s proving to be essential to your operations and the overall success of your business. Don’t let the value of your site dwindle over time. Many of the steps above should be performed periodically going forward. 

For example, you should use analytics to ensure that visitors continue to get what they need from the site. You should also confirm that your site is being backed up regularly. And, if you’re continually adding fresh content, as you should, you need to confirm that it’s clear, concise, free of typos, and not introducing any bad links or navigation issues.

Ensuring your site is polished and ready for launch is crucial. Then, keeping your website tuned-up is an ongoing effort but one that helps ensure you’re maximizing its value to your customers and your company. 

Avoid Critical Downtime

We can take the steps needed to help you launch your website.