Web & App Development

Engaging Digital Experiences

Ensure that customers and prospects finish every interaction with your brand thoroughly satisfied.

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Effective, Intuitive Solutions

We leverage development best practices informed by our years of experience to create websites and apps that leave users smiling.

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Beyond Beautiful Websites and Apps

Return on Investment

Every business wants its website or app to be visually appealing. But development projects can’t stop there. In fact, they shouldn’t start there.

The real measure of success for a website or app is that it helps a company meet its business goals—which often includes increasing inquiries, sales, newsletter signups, and other actions. That’s why our team begins by fully understanding your company’s needs and then tailoring your digital solution to meet them.

Appearance is important, but only if you’ve got a solid foundation of functionality in place!

Cutting-Edge Features

Website Must Have Features

Easily Managed

No-code page builders empower teams to deliver faster.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile first web development is not just a fad.

CRM Integrations

Create and nurture customer relationships.

Fully Secure

Secure connections to your website are not an option.

Search Optimized

Search Engine Optimization puts you above your competition.

Open API

Tight and smooth integrations between digital tools.


User accessibility is a requirement for all websites.

Clearly Branded

Your website should help create and nurture customer relationships.

Page Speed

Website performance increase user interactivity and conversions.

Data Tracking

Understand how users interact with your digital ecosystem.

Optimized CTA

Make sure you are guiding user down your sales funnel.

Chat Bots

Fast and responsive answers to customer questions.

Modernize Your Strategy

Web & App Development

Business Websites

We design and develop best-in-class websites that support effective marketing strategies. Our focus on cross-device compatibility and the integration of marketing and CRM tools gives clients a competitive edge.

eCommerce Websites

We help businesses determine the best eCommerce tools for their needs and implement effective solutions, including Woo, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.

SaaS Solutions

Offering software as a service requires the right website architecture. We provide it using Laravel, VueJs, and other web application frameworks.

Enterprise Development

Creating scalable enterprise solutions requires an experienced team that doesn’t just understand the technology required to execute the project, but that has the ability to successfully collaborate with all stakeholders. Through the use of the latest design and development best practices, we’re able to deliver solutions that delight users and increase engagement.

Best In Class Service

Why MarkedQuery?

Grounded tech experts. Our team members know technology inside and out. But they also know how to communicate and collaborate effectively with the people who will rely on the solutions they craft.

Deep marketing technology expertise. Your website plays a major role in helping you attract and retain customers. We know the role that digital interactions play and how to optimize them for maximum benefit.

Responsive contacts. You’ll never feel like your message to us ended up in a “black hole.” We know you’ve got a lot riding on your project and we make it a priority to respond to you promptly and completely.

Commitment to satisfaction. From our perspective, a project isn’t complete simply because we’ve checked all the boxes in the design specs. We are committed to continuous improvement post launch.

MarkedQuery - Best in Class Service

Best-in-class digital experiences!

Business competition gets more fierce every day. Consequently, the time to create or enhance your website or app is NOW. We can help get you ahead of the pack and keep you there.